Client Overview

Easy Source India is a premier provider of tailored HR solutions, specializing in manpower outsourcing, payroll outsourcing, managed service level engagements (SLA), and compliance outsourcing. Serving over 300 clients across more than 400 locations, they have established themselves as a trusted partner in the HR services sector, delivering comprehensive solutions that meet the diverse needs of businesses.


As a rapidly growing company, Easy Source India faced several critical IT challenges that needed immediate attention to support their expansion and enhance their service delivery. These challenges included the need for a robust cloud setup to efficiently run their payroll application, effective strategies for client acquisition in a highly competitive market, and the development of customized utilities to manage their internal data flow securely and efficiently.

The Solution

We provided a holistic solution encompassing cloud infrastructure setup, strategic digital marketing for client acquisition, and the development of customized utilities for secure and efficient data management. Our aim was to not only address the immediate IT needs but also lay a foundation for scalable growth and enhanced service delivery for Easy Source India.

Our Approach

Our approach was comprehensive and tailored to the specific needs of Easy Source India:

Cloud Setup: We designed and implemented a cloud infrastructure optimized for performance, reliability, and scalability, ensuring that Easy Source India’s payroll application could operate seamlessly and handle increasing workloads.
SEO and Digital Marketing: We developed and executed a targeted SEO and digital marketing strategy to improve online visibility, attract potential clients, and drive growth.
Custom Utilities Development: We created customized utilities to streamline Easy Source India’s internal data flow, ensuring data security and availability on demand, thus enhancing operational efficiency.


The implementation process was strategic and phased:

Cloud Infrastructure: Deployed a cloud solution tailored to the payroll application’s requirements, focusing on security, scalability, and performance.
SEO and Digital Marketing Campaigns: Implemented SEO optimizations and digital marketing campaigns, targeting relevant audiences to increase client acquisition rates.
Custom Utilities: Developed and integrated custom utilities into Easy Source India’s IT ecosystem, focusing on improving data management practices and security protocols.

The Results

Our collaboration with Easy Source India led to significant improvements in their IT infrastructure, operational efficiency, and client acquisition efforts:

Enhanced Cloud Infrastructure: The new cloud setup significantly improved the performance and reliability of the payroll application, supporting Easy Source India’s expansion.
Increased Client Acquisition: The targeted SEO and digital marketing strategies resulted in higher online visibility and an increase in new client engagements.
Operational Efficiency: The customized utilities streamlined internal data management processes, ensuring data security and availability, which contributed to operational efficiency.

Key Takeaways

Tailored IT Solutions: Customized solutions are crucial for addressing specific business challenges and achieving operational excellence.
Strategic Digital Marketing: Effective SEO and digital marketing are essential for increasing online visibility and client acquisition in competitive markets.
Long-term Partnership: Our decade-long association with Easy Source India underscores the value of sustained collaboration in driving continuous improvement and growth.

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