Client Overview

Since its inception in 2018, has emerged as a #1 online education platform in Singapore, offering a wide range of pre-recorded and live classes across subjects like English, Math, Science, and Chinese. Known for its innovative approach to education, the platform also provides adaptive assessments and AI-driven features to create a personalized learning experience for students.


As grew, it faced the challenge of continuously evolving its technology to meet the demands of an expanding user base and the dynamic nature of online education. The platform needed ongoing enhancements to support pre-recorded video streaming, live classes, and interactive assessments, all while maintaining a seamless and engaging user experience. Additionally, the expansion into new markets required a tailored approach to meet specific regional needs.

The Solution

Our company have been the technology backbone for since its foundation. We built their original platform and have been instrumental in its regular updates, ensuring the portal and mobile app stay at the forefront of all edtech solutions available in Singapore Market. Our work has encompassed everything from streaming optimization for various educational content to the implementation of AI-driven features, enhancing both the learning and teaching experiences.

Our Approach

Our approach has been one of partnership and innovation. Key initiatives have included:

Architecting a robust and scalable backend using the latest technologies, capable of supporting a wide array of operations from video streaming to live interactions.
Introducing adaptive assessments and AI features to personalize the learning journey for students.
Providing ongoing technical support to facilitate smooth operations and address customer queries effectively.
Developing and launching a region-specific platform,, to cater to the Indian market, acknowledging the diverse educational needs and preferences.


The implementation of these enhancements has been a collaborative and iterative process. By employing agile methodologies, we’ve ensured that each update not only meets but exceeds user expectations and business goals. Regular feedback loops with and its users have been crucial in prioritizing features that deliver the most value.

The Results

Our efforts have significantly contributed to’s success, with marked improvements in user engagement, retention, and expansion into new markets. The introduction of AI-driven features and adaptive assessments has made the platform incredibly effective for a wide range of learners, leading to a noticeable increase in subscription rates and customer satisfaction. The launch of has successfully extended their educational services to the Indian market, further demonstrating the scalability and adaptability of our solutions.

Key Takeaways

Continuous innovation and adaptation to technological advancements are key to staying relevant and competitive in the edtech space.
A strong partnership between technology providers and educational platforms is essential for delivering a high-quality, engaging learning experience.
Tailoring solutions to meet regional needs can significantly enhance market penetration and user satisfaction.

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