Client Overview

MIST, a leading medical coaching institute in India, specializes in preparing students for the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE). Recognizing the need to enhance their educational delivery, MIST launched the “MIST Next” platform in 2019 with Radix as technology partner. This platform aims to provide comprehensive and interactive learning experiences using advanced technological solutions.


The primary challenge was implementing effective Digital Rights Management (DRM) to protect the proprietary video content and educational materials from unauthorized access and distribution, a significant concern in the competitive educational space. Additionally, MIST required a solution to conduct in-app live sessions for hundreds of students simultaneously without relying on popular platforms like Zoom, Teams, or Google Meet, due to concerns over content piracy.

The Solution

Our IT company developed a custom, secure, and scalable platform tailored to MIST’s specific needs. Key features include:

Protected Video Lectures: Utilizing DRM to safeguard video content, ensuring that MIST’s high-quality lectures by expert mentors remain exclusive to the platform.
AI-Driven Question Bank & Test Series: Implementing artificial intelligence to generate a dynamic question bank and personalized test series, enhancing the learning experience.
In-App Doubt Solving Feature: Allowing students to clarify their doubts within the app, fostering a collaborative learning environment.
Handwritten Notes Synced with Video Lectures: Providing students with handwritten notes corresponding to the video lectures for more efficient studying and revision.
Dynamic Multi-Lingual Video Subtitles and Question Cloning: Enhancing accessibility and personalization for a diverse student base.

Our Approach

Our approach centered on understanding MIST’s unique challenges and requirements to deliver a custom solution. This involved:

Collaborative Planning: Working closely with MIST to outline their specific needs and expectations for the platform.
Technology Integration: Incorporating advanced AI technologies to enhance user experience and open up new opportunities in the space.
Comprehensive Backend Development: Building a robust backend to manage admissions, sales incentives, fee calculations, collections, and student technical support.


The implementation phase involved several key steps:

DRM Integration: Applying advanced DRM techniques to protect proprietary content.
Live Session Capability: Developing a custom solution for conducting live sessions with hundreds of students, including chat functionality, without relying on third-party platforms.
Continuous Support and Updates: Providing ongoing technical support and implementing updates to enhance platform features and security.

The Results

The platform has significantly enhanced MIST’s educational offerings, leading to:
Enhanced Content Security: Effective DRM has minimized unauthorized content distribution, protecting MIST’s intellectual property.
Improved Student Engagement and Performance: The AI-driven question bank, personalized test series, and in-app doubt solving have led to higher student engagement and better exam performance.
Increased Accessibility: Dynamic multi-lingual subtitles have made the content accessible to a wider audience, contributing to MIST’s growth and success.

Key Takeaways

Custom technological solutions, particularly those incorporating AI, can significantly enhance the educational experience.
Effective DRM is crucial for protecting digital content in competitive educational spaces.
Continuous innovation and support are key to maintaining and enhancing the value of educational platforms.

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